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Shaoyun® is real natural cosmetics

Shaoyun is ICADA-certified natural and organic personal care

The ICADA Premium Seal of Quality is licensed by contract only to organic and natural personal care companies serving specialist suppliers, in order to uphold the distinction between specialist suppliers and cheap discount stores.

ICADA's main affinity is with specialist suppliers, whose expertise and awareness of nature provide an excellent basis for the sale of organic and natural personal care products. Businesses that do not offer the qualified expertise of specialist suppliers should not be able to compete with specialist suppliers by having the same natural cosmetic seal of quality.

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Bio Zertifikat

The Shaoyun Natural Health & Beauty company is allowed to manage the handling from the receipt of the goods to the dispatch of the organic products in accordance with the strict rules of the relevant ecological inspection bodies.

The EU legislation on organic farming has required the labeling of pre-packaged organic food with the EU organic logo, the associated control body code and a general indication of the origin of the ingredients since July 1, 2012. This applies to products from organic farming and organic food that undergo a processing step in the European Community.

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