Natural soaps

Naturseifen von Shaoyun

Shaoyun's soaps are a real skin softener

Through years of experience and success in the field of TCM natural cosmetics, Shaoyun was able to create the perfect formula to produce the exceptional hand boiled soaps that are free of any synthetic ingredients.

To produce our natural soaps, we only use high-quality cold-pressed organic oils and herbal extracts. As a result, they have a unique potency and gently nourish the skin. The natural soaps are excellent for face and body care as well as for shaving. They are especially good for dry and sensitive skin as well as for neurodermatitis, psoriasis and acne.

Each soap is unique and is made by hand with much love in the in-house manufactory.

Wolf & Blossom England

Wolf & Blossom is our official partner in England. From now on, you can also buy our products easily and conveniently at Wolf & Blossom.

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