Jade Series

Jade Series

A woman's life is like a blooming flower: During youth, the face is pure and shines with beauty. Middle-aged skin and aging can also bring with it a special charm. Every phase of life is reflected in your skin and tells its own story. Therefore a healthy and tender skin at every stage of life is something that should be considered with great importance.


A rosy, radiant, wrinkle-free face without any signs of pigmentation or age spots suggests, according to the Chinese medicine a healthy blood count and a balanced Qi. On the contrary, rough, dull and gray colored skin that shows signs of dark spots and pimples suggests health problems, a lack of blood circulation and poor flow of Qi.


Those who want to maintain natural beauty should keep their body in a healthy balance of yin and yang, contributing to a harmony of Qi and blood. This can be ensured by following the correct diet, adequate sports, fresh air, and also plenty of sleep.


Problematic skin can disturb the delicate beauty of a woman. So is there a miracle cure for skin problems such as rosacea, pigmentation, blackheads, pimples and acne? In order to find the right solutions for these skin problems, one must first look at the causes of the formation inside the body. Often skin problems arise from hormonal reasons, namely due to genetic predisposition or the use of the wrong cosmetics preparations. Chinese medicine has recognised that certain foods which are high in fat such as fried foods, a high consumption of sweets, alcohol and cigarettes, along with elevated stress levels and exposure to direct sunlight can all aggravate certain skin conditions.


The Jade series has been designed to specifically target a wide range of skin problems. All products are developed using special formulations and exclusively produced by order. Clients who stick to a healthy lifestyle can feel the effects of these products after only a short time of use.


Your health and beauty is safe in your hands! With the help of highly effective products from the Shaoyun 's Jade series, there is no longer a need to hide your beautiful skin back under make -up.

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