The Diamond Series was designed to preserve the beauty of the skin

Diamond Series

 the Diamond Series

is more than just a cosmetic luxury

Taken after the diamond for its purity, rarity, and velvety smooth finish, the Shaoyun Diamond Series offers a range of uniquely formulated luxury care products created with a combination of knowledge in ancient Chinese cosmetics and advanced modern techniques.


A well learnt and repeatedly trained beauty therapist with over 20 years of professional and research experience, I have learned that only nature knows the secrets of true beauty and only nature can help us to preserve it. Having personally explored and researched the effects of many natural plant ingredients, I have developed the Diamond Series care range.


The Diamond Series was designed to preserve the beauty of the skin and was done so with the use of effective formulas accumulated from many years of research. While wondering how to slow down the aging process of the skin and how to maintain youthful beauty, my answer was a range of cosmetics made from luxury active ingredients. Analyzing my own skin and formulating care products ideal for me, I began to gather a knowledge of how the skin truly works. Through my training and development and with the addition of new ingredients, I soon began to feel their miraculous effect on my body.


Thanks to the my knowledge and exposure of an age old Chinese cosmetics culture, my skin is still young and wrinkle free. With the aid of the most up to date scientific technology I am now able to use a wide range of natural active ingredients to tailor to the needs of your skin.


With the use of exact dosages, effective active ingredients and my experiences with the secrets of the Chinese beauty culture, the Diamond Series is more than just a cosmetic luxury.


Using extracts from the most valuable plants and herbs from all over the world I am able to create fresh, made to order, natural care products made to suit any skin. There is no comparable product anywhere else in the world.                                                                                                  

Shaoyun Liang

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