What makes us unique

Natural cosmetic with premium qualitity



What makes us unique

The secret to the success of our products that we use the wisdom of ancient Chinese medicinal-plant culture in combination with the insights of modern science. For us, everything revolves around the human being as a whole and his or her life conditions. We are constantly enhancing our product portfolio and making new ideas happen. This means:

  • Our products are premium quality. They are manufactured carefully and responsibly with the finest craftsmanship

  • We rely exclusively on top-quality raw materials from nature and from around the world
  • Traditional Chinese medicine, many years of experience and deep knowledge – these are optimum conditions for us to offer you the best skin care products, without side effects

  • Customers trust the effectiveness and safety of our products
  • Our product formulations are exact and unique, rather than generic, and therefore without competition

  • Certified organic raw materials and plant raw materials from controlled cultivation
  • We use fresh raw materials for our products – not stocked goods

  • Free of chemicals and additives that can cause allergic reactions

Your advantage:

  • You get fresh natural products tested for tolerability

  • Our careful preparation and selection of natural ingredients meets the highest standards:

    long-term effectiveness and visible, lasting results will convince your customers

  • We are your reliable one-stop partner when it comes to skin care for all skin types and all ages

  • Highly effective products, professional advice and intensive customer care

  • Excellent quality for a fair price

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