Anti-Aging Herbal Face Pack

For dry, mature, demanding skin and around-eye area

Please note: Appl. only with Anti-Aging Herbal Essence
Anti-Aging Herbal Essence

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Our Anti-Ageing Herbal Face Pack has a dual mechanism of action intended to benefit the sensitive area around the eyes and the facial skin. The product's dual activity comes from an array of highly effective agents.


Facial expressions leave tiny lines in the skin of the face that smooth out in response to our unique formula and potent combination of ingredients. Astragalus and Ganoderma lucidum extracts help to prolong the life of skin cells. 20 different amino acids and trace elements from pearl powder counteract sensitive, dry and brittle skin, slowing down the skin's ageing process. Radical scavengers from ginseng root help to protect the cells of the dermis, improve blood supply and prevent cellular oxidation and wrinkling.


Yam root extract delays the skin's natural loss of collagen and supports elasticity, helping to reduce lines and looseness. Shaoyun's exclusive Anti-Ageing Herbal Face Pack also contains one of the most precious floral hydrosols, only to be found in superior personal care products. Rose and orange blossom hydrosols support the skin's natural acid mantle and help to restore harmony and relax distressed skin. Trust in the magical effect of vitality herbs from Chinese beauty lore with a 2000-year history.              


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