Shaoyun Natural Health & Beauty is a supplier of authentic, fresh, sustainable natural personal care products, providing premium quality body care products under the Shaoyun® brand.

Products are usually freshly made 2 to 4 business days after receipt of payment and delivered by DHL with no need to sign for delivery. If you would prefer to receive your DHL shipment by registered delivery, please contact us before choosing this shipping method. (Additional charges may apply)


  • Insured: We charge a flat rate of €5.90 (with parcel insurance 500€) per order for delivery to customers in Germany.

For shipping to the following EU countries we charge up to 10kg following shipping charges per package:

country Shipping cost
Austria 16,99 euros
Switzerland 15,50 euros
Belgium 18,50 euros
Bulgaria 17,50 euros
Denmark (including Färör and Greenland) 17,50 euros
Estonia 18,50 euros
Finland 18,50 euros
France 17,50 euros
Greece 18,50 euros
Great Britain 19,99 euros
Ireland 17.50 euros
Italy 17,90 euros
Latvia 18,50 euros
Lithuania 18,50 euros
Luxembourg 18,50 euros
Malta 17,50 euros
Netherlands 17,50 euros
Poland 17,50 euros
Portugal 16,50 euros
Romania 17,50 euros
Sweden 18,99 euros
Slovakia 18,99 euros
Slovenia 18,99 euros
Spain (including the Canaries and the Balearic Islands) 19,99 euros
Czech Republic 17,50 euros
Hungary 17,50 euros
Cyprus 17,50 euros

Shipping fees include packaging and postage.

Thanks for understanding

Shaoyun Natural Health & Beauty