Tradition and innovation since 1992



Shaoyun´s Philosophy

Product quality

Nature gives us what we need for healthy skin – without chemical or artificial additives. It is the source of everything we do at Shaoyun, and it inspires us again and again to select healthful and lastingly effective ingredients to benefit human beings.

Healthy living

We set ourselves apart from conventional products on the market and their short-term effectiveness. We only offer what we ourselves are convinced of. That’s why we never stop evolving. With head and heart, we always stay on top of current developments and recommend only what we truly believe in. We make all our products in-house from herbal ingredients and rare medicinal and rejuvenating plants. This allows us to respond individually to you and your needs, and to answer all your questions in depth.


We take time for you. Consultations, treatments and applications are tailored to you. Experience a calm and relaxed atmosphere when you visit us. Communication We listen to you and share our ideas, without pushing fake wisdom or must-have beauty tips on you. Honest products can only be presented with honest information. You, the customer, decide what you need. We believe that respectful communication – just like excellent skin and body care – keeps us healthy.


We are, of course, very pleased if you choose us and our products for your on-going needs. We welcome all our customers as personal guests and are always happy to see you.