Herbal Toner

For all skin types, especially for oily, irritated and blemished skin

Lavender, witch hazel, rose and orange blossom water from certified organic farms with honeysuckle and yam root extracts and aloe vera gel
Stabilises the skin's protective acid mantle and provides instant refreshment
Repairs and regenerates with no additives that might irritate the skin
Eliminates the sensation of dryness and improves the skin's elasticity

(€109.39 100ml)

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Herbal Toner is freshly made from a natural herbal complex suitable for every type of skin, especially if you have problem skin. Instead of containing alcohol that would distress and dry out your skin even more, the toning lotion is high in effective antiinflammatory extracts from calendula, Herba leonuri and Flos lonicerae, freshly extracted every time you order.

The deep-pore cleaning leaves your skin soothed and moisturized and restores its natural balance.


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After a thorough cleansing with Herbal Cleansing Emulsion, apply the toning lotion to your face, throat and décolleté. Herbal Toner also makes a great skin freshener.