HF18 Hand and Foot Cream

Special care for skin prone to fungal and bacterial infections and eczema

TCM naturalcosmetics 

Tea tree oil, hemp, borage, evening primrose, rosemary, sage and St. John´s wort oils with shea butter, from certified organic farms
With 24 botanical herbal extracts and aloe vera
Stabilises the acid-alkaline balance in the skin
Supports the skin's natural protective function
Very well tolerated and a better skin appearance. Also suitable for people with diabetes

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HF18 Cream with specially selected herbal active ingredients has conditioning and protective properties in the care of hands and feet affected by fungal infection. The product contains Flos Caryophyllus (clove) and Coptis Chinensis Rhizoma extract, also called "coptis," which is known for its disinfectant, antifungal, antiinflammatory, antibacterial, healing and soothing properties.

High-performance HF18 Cream has the properties of an optimum hand and foot care cream and is also suitable for use as a natural remedy to reduce fingernail and toenail fungus.

With its all-herbal ingredients, HF18 Hand and Foot Cream is suitable for use in all types of skin, combats dehydration and makes hands and feet soft and smooth again.

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