SHAOYUN NATURAL HEALTH & BEAUTY Tradition and innovation since 1992

SHAOYUN NATURAL HEALTH & BEAUTY Tradition and innovation since 1992

Shaoyun Natural Health & Beauty, based in Speyer, is a successful manufacturer of fresh and handmade natural cosmetics in Germany. The products are certified and manufactured at the company, which has its own laboratory. Manufacturing routes are short and transparent to you. This benefits you as the customer:

  • •  We combine traditional Chinese herbal medicine with outstanding cosmetic expertise
  • •  The efficacy and tolerability of natural ingredients is our number one concern
  • •  We highly value honesty and are 100% reliable
  •  • Our customers’ trust is our success
  •  • Holistic health: We follow the principles of traditional Chinese medicine to promote inner and outer beauty and health. Diet, cosmetics and care are equally important
  • •  Further development based on the latest findings in research, dermatology, naturopathy and cosmetic science

How are our cosmetics authentically natural and organic?

  •  • We use all-natural raw materials with no synthetic additives
  • •  Our product line is based on each customer's natural skin structure
  •  • We use traditional methods for raw material extraction
  • •  We never use dyes, parabens, mineral oils, artificial fragrances, PEG compounds, silicone oils, animal ingredients, genetic engineering or chemical preservatives

  • • Our product range is unique and not available for sale in the conventional market